Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Power Browser ask all those permissions?

As you know, a browser is a specific kind of software which is used to explore various web resources. Consequently, it is used for a broad variety of purposes and many different use cases. There are a lot of browsers on the market and we don't want to lack any functionality. On websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or other websites, voice input, picture upload, sharing of document are common user actions. To perform those actions, Android permissions are needed. On many Android versions, those permissions are required to be provided on installation.

A few examples:

Wifi connection

There are some app processes that can be postponed for some time to save traffic and will continue once you are on Wifi connection. This is done to prevent the app using too much of your mobile traffic.


There are many website such as Google Maps that need your current location, so that they can provide you their services. Also, it is used to provide accurate weather information on the home page of the browser.


On many popular social networks such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, user would like to upload pictures or videos. We need the permission so that users can actually access the files on their phone for upload. In addition, the permission is also required to download files from the internet to your phone.


We are offering premium services to users. For such premium services and in-app purchases we need your Google id. Also, this is planned to be used for bookmarks sync in the future.


There are many web resources that require voice communications. Examples are voice calls or Google Voice Search.